Starbucks Menu Philippines

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Starbucks has become a household name when it comes to coffee and snacks. With over 400 stores in the Philippines, Starbucks has become a go-to place for people who want to relax and unwind while savoring their favorite beverages and snacks. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the Starbucks menu in the Philippines.

Starbucks Coffee

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One of the main reasons people go to Starbucks is for their coffee. Starbucks has an extensive menu of coffee drinks, from the classic espresso shots to the more elaborate frappuccinos. Here are some popular Starbucks coffee drinks in the Philippines:

Espresso Shots

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The simplest and purest form of coffee, Starbucks espresso shots are perfect for those who want a quick caffeine fix. You can order it solo or add it to your favorite drink to give it an extra kick.


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One of the most popular coffee drinks in the world, the cappuccino is a classic espresso drink that’s topped with steamed milk and foam. It’s perfect for those who want a balance of espresso and milk.

Caffe Latte

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The caffe latte is similar to the cappuccino, but with more milk and less foam. It’s a great option for those who want a creamier and smoother coffee drink.


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Starbucks’ signature frozen drink, the frappuccino, is perfect for those who want a sweet and refreshing coffee drink. With various flavors to choose from, you’ll never run out of options.

Starbucks Tea

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Aside from coffee, Starbucks also offers a wide selection of tea drinks. Here are some of the popular Starbucks tea drinks in the Philippines:

Green Tea Latte

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A favorite among tea lovers, the green tea latte is a sweet and creamy drink that’s made with matcha powder and steamed milk.

Chai Tea Latte

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The chai tea latte is a spiced tea drink that’s made with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, and other spices. It’s a great option for those who want a warm and comforting drink.

Iced Shaken Tea

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A refreshing drink for hot days, the iced shaken tea is made with tea, ice, and a splash of fruit juice. It’s a perfect drink if you want something light and fruity.

Starbucks Food

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Aside from drinks, Starbucks also offers a variety of food items. Here are some of the popular Starbucks food items in the Philippines:

Cakes and Pastries

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Starbucks offers a variety of cakes and pastries that are perfect for those who want a sweet treat to go with their coffee. From classic cheesecake to chocolate croissant, there’s something for everyone.

Sandwiches and Wraps

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For those who want something savory, Starbucks also offers a variety of sandwiches and wraps. From classic ham and cheese to chicken pesto, there’s a sandwich or wrap that will satisfy your cravings.

Bento Boxes

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Starbucks also offers bento boxes that are perfect for those who want a complete meal. From chicken teriyaki to salmon and miso, these bento boxes are not only delicious but also healthy.


Whether you’re a coffee lover or a tea enthusiast, Starbucks has something for everyone. With its extensive menu of drinks and food items, you’ll never run out of options. So the next time you’re in a Starbucks store in the Philippines, don’t forget to try out some of their popular drinks and snacks.

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